200 Years of The Sandwich, Let’s Talk Turkey

Updated: 7/02 /2022
National sandwich month is August, and there are so many delicious ways to celebrate! Did you know the sandwich was named in honor of John Montagu, the fourth earl of sandwich in the 1700s? It is said that he created this type of simple meal so we wouldn’t have to leave his gaming table for dinner. That’s noble, but we now have many reasons to love a sandwich – most importantly, the taste!
Simple Ham and Cheese or the Magnificent Monte Cristo
The right sandwich often depends on what is right for the moment. When you only have a few minutes to spare, a simple sandwich is an amazing way to satisfy your hunger. However, feel free to be creative! With nearly the same ingredients, you can decide if you want to eat a simple ham and cheese sandwich or dress it up into a masterpiece. If you have time to impress your friends, you can pan-fry the sandwich, swap the Swiss cheese with gruyere, and create your own version of a beloved Monte Cristo sandwich. The Monte Cristo sandwich is an iconic fried sandwich that was originally offered in Paris in the early 1900s.
The Options are Limitless: That is My Sandwich…. My Sandwich
Sandwich making is one of the most creative meal opportunities, so have fun with it. The choice is yours when making the perfect sandwich for you. You can choose any bread, meat, or condiment and create a version that you can name for yourself. For instance, a turkey sandwich with a gravy-soaked additional slice of bread in the middle, considered a “Moist-Maker,” is incredible. Be creative!
Technique is Everything, So Keep it Clean and Delicious!
Remember, when working with meats and dairy, you always need to follow proper food handling guidelines. Getting sick is no fun, so you must always clean the cutting board and refrigerate your cold cuts. Following proper guidelines prevents unnecessary and dangerous foodborne illnesses. If you are interested in learning more about the proper food handling procedures, get a food handler card today!
It’s His-Story
We are grateful for John Montagu. Because of him, we now get to explore more than 200 years of sandwiches! So enjoy your perfect sandwich this month, and think of John!
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