Celebrate March With Oodles of Noodles!

Sweet Potato Soup
Updated: 10/08/2022
Noodles are tasty, versatile, and enjoyed worldwide as part of different cultures and cuisines. Whether you want to eat them cold, stir-fried, in a soup, or dry, there is no doubt noodles are incredibly delicious! These dense and chewy strips of goodness can be eaten for lunch, dinner, holidays, or celebrating traditions.
While noodles can be eaten in celebration of other events such as birthdays as they are known to be a symbol of longevity, they deserve a little celebration just for existing. That’s where national noodle month comes in! Now that it’s March let’s take the time to talk about noodles.
History of Noodles
Of course, there is the age-long debate about whether noodles or pasta were first. However, noodles date back to many early history books long before the pasta was created. Noodles originated in the Han Dynasty of ancient China (206 BC - 220 AD), while pasta didn’t exist in Italy until the 13th century. According to popular legend, Marco Polo was the one to introduce noodles to Italy.
Types of Noodles
When we all think about noodles, we all likely picture them differently depending on where we live and what culture’s cuisines we typically enjoy. There are ramen noodles, which are made of wheat and egg, and they tend to be long and curly. These noodles are commonly found in soups and are a Japanese delight. There are also wide and flat rice noodles that are commonly used in Thai dishes, such as pad see ew or kai kua or even Chinese knife shaved noodles which are thick and chewy and taste amazing in a stir-fry. No matter what type of noodles you try or how you prepare them, there is no doubt noodles are the ultimate comfort food.
Cooking Noodles Safely
When cooking noodles, you should always ensure they are paired with fresh meats and vegetables. Always choose ingredients that come from approved sources. The best quality food comes from approved suppliers that comply with pertinent laws and regulations. By selecting high-quality ingredients, you can be sure your noodles will come out tasting as amazing as always. You can also prevent yourself from getting any unwanted stomach issues. You can learn more about preparing food safely with an ANSI-food-accredited food course. Our Food handler certificate teaches everything you should know about cooking safely.
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