Eggnog for the Holidays - National Eggnog Month

Holiday Eggnog
Updated: 10/04/2022
Eggnog is a classic spiced and creamy drink made with eggs, sugar, heavy cream, vanilla, nutmeg, or cinnamon. Families commonly enjoy this custard-like drink during the holidays, and it is a great way to spread some holiday cheer.
With December being National Eggnog Month, it is important to drink lots of glasses of eggnog, but also be as cautious as possible. Eggnog is traditionally made with raw eggs, allowing for the possibility of contracting salmonella bacteria. Here’s what you should know for this holiday season. How to Make Eggnog
To make eggnog, you will need to gather eggs, sugar, milk, cloves, cinnamon, heavy cream, nutmeg, and vanilla. The base is made by beating the egg yolks with sugar and then slowly adding hot milk flavored with spices. Then the eggnog is slowly warmed on the stove, so it doesn’t curdle. And there you have it – eggnog! You can also add a touch of alcohol, such as bourbon or rum, to make spiked eggnog if you want to have some fun with it.
What Type of Eggs to Use For Eggnog
When making eggnog, most recipes call for folding in raw, beaten egg whites. If you don’t use the correct eggs, this can cause severe food poisoning. The best way to keep your recipe authentic is to use pasteurized eggs. While pasteurized eggs are not cooked in the traditional sense of boiled or scrambled eggs, they are still gently heated to kill the bacteria. With little to no bacteria, pasteurized eggs are safer to be eaten raw. Luckily, nearly all eggs found in grocery stores in the US are pasteurized. Most of the eggnog sold in stores is also made with pasteurized raw eggs.
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