3 Different Ways to Eat Chicken in Honor of National Chicken Month

Updated: 8/30/2022
Did you know that September is national chicken month? That means the National Chicken Council wants you to try and enjoy as many different types of delicious chicken dishes as possible. Whether you are making your own chicken dishes or ordering some chicken at your favorite restaurant, you can never truly go wrong. Here are some of our top ways to enjoy chicken.
1. Air Fryer Chicken Wings
To keep things simple, enjoy some air fryer chicken wings for national chicken month. Just add some chicken wings to the air fryer at 375° and cook them for 22 minutes. Then slather them with a delicious barbecue sauce or a tasty buffalo sauce. The crispy skin and juicy chicken taste even better when dipped into ranch or blue cheese dressing. Air fryer chicken is the perfect 20-minute meal you can make after a long day at work.
2. Whole Roasted Chicken
A whole roasted chicken is juicy, flavorful, and perfect for the whole family to enjoy. While a whole roasted chicken may look difficult to make, it is actually fairly simple. It is also a great dish to serve if you are having guests over for dinner since it is a beautiful centerpiece. Add some tasty sides such as potatoes, rice, or corn, and you have a meal for a king!
3. Crispy Fried Chicken
Crispy fried chicken is a classic that everyone enjoys. With many fried chicken variations, such as Japanese karaage and Nashville fried chicken, there is surely a fried chicken dish for everyone to enjoy. Korean fried chicken is also delicious if you enjoy saucy fried chicken. While you can try to make your fried chicken, it may be easier to dine out and avoid the oily mess in your kitchen.
Be Safe and Cook Safe
When cooking chicken, always test it with a thermometer to ensure that your meat is fully cooked. Always make sure to test in the thickest part of the meat. This will ensure that your delicious and heartwarming meal is ready to eat.
In a food handler course, you will learn the importance of avoiding cross-contamination and keeping raw chicken away from cooked foods. This includes keeping the chicken cooking utensils separate from others. With these tips in mind, have a happy national chicken month, and eat as much chicken as your heart desires!
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