3 Tips to Celebrate National Candy Month Like a Pro

Candy Food Safety
Updated: 10/28/2022
Nostalgia looms as June marks National Candy Month, sprinkling the nation with memories of simpler times. Aside from eating all of your favorite candies, there are proven steps you can take to celebrate like a professional sugar cane! We’ve put together three of the top ways to celebrate candy’s reminder of all the sweetness life has to offer.
Recreate your favorite candy from scratch Whether you prefer classic lollipops or decadent chocolate, what better way to celebrate than making your own candy? To start, find a recipe, gather all your ingredients, and prepare your space for prep. Be sure to take a food handler course for safety and precision. If you are cutting hard candies and wearing cut-resistant gloves, make sure they are either non-porous or wear a single-use glove over them. As fun as candy can be, it is critical to take precautionary steps. How else are you going to enjoy your masterpiece?!
Host a candy party. Enjoying life’s sweetest moments is best experienced with loved ones. Celebrate National Candy Month by throwing a candy party and inviting all of your friends to share stories. You can make it as simple or detailed as you’d like. If you plan on hosting friends to make candy at your house, consider your ingredients and safety measures. You might want to see who has a food handler card. If there are children present, you’ll also need to ensure they are not handling sharp or harmful objects.
Try a new flavor.
If you have a preferred type of candy, chances are it is your go-to selection. While it is important to know what you like, there can also be a level of comfort to grow through. To make the most of National Candy Month, get yourself out of your comfort zone by trying a new flavor or different type of candy altogether. You never know; you might discover a new favorite!
Keep Safe!

So, which of these options will you try? Whether you decide to buy all of your favorite candies or make them yourself, practice moderation, so you don’t get sick. Keep safety in mind if you get creative in the kitchen. You can also enroll in ANSI-accredited courses to brush up on food handling skills and safety measures so you can focus on the fun side of creating your favorite candy.
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