How to Get a Bartending License

Updated: 11/28/2022
Becoming a bartender is an efficient way to climb the professional ladder within the restaurant business. Bartending can be fun and rewarding for those willing to work hard, but there is more to it than making drinks and conversing with patrons. Obtaining both your state or municipal-issued license and Alcohol Seller-Server Training is crucial to ensure patrons and staff are safe.
Alcohol awareness training is essential to selling and serving alcohol responsibly. In doing so, you can avoid and prevent unwanted accidents in the workplace. Equipped with both your bartending license and Alcohol Seller-Server Training, you will accomplish safe, quality service in any bartender role.

The Process of Obtaining a Bartending License

To receive a state or municipal-issued bartender certification, you will complete related courses indicating your full understanding of laws concerning the sale of alcohol and associated facets. This license is mandatory in some states and voluntary in others.
Certification courses, prerequisites, and course requirements differ from state to state. Even if your state does not require a bartending license, earning your certification gives you an advantage over other bartenders when applying to new establishments or pursuing promotions. With the added credibility of a bartending license, your long-term bartending career will prosper.

Why Responsible Alcohol Seller Server Training is Essential

By acquiring your bartending license and proper training, you can prevent significantly hazardous occurrences that could severely harm patrons or staff members. For instance, responsible service will help you avoid underage drinking in your establishment. In addition, you can prevent alcohol-related accidents and even deaths.
Bars and restaurants are meant to be places of community and leisure. By adhering to responsible alcohol sales and service, you can help ensure safe and enjoyable alcohol consumption at your workplace without the risk of life-threatening accidents. Obtain your bartending license and Alcohol Seller-Server Training today.

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