Mastering the Cleaning in Place Process

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Updated: 10/15/2022
Those working in the food industry are responsible for keeping a lot of things clean - including complex equipment. For someone new or who hasn’t undergone training, cleaning out a soda dispenser or soft serve machine might seem confusing. If you’ve earned your food handler card online, you’ll know about Cleaning in Place (CIP) and how to handle these situations easily.
CIP Methods
Although your employer will likely have specific protocols in place, here are the basics of Cleaning in Place:
• The right solutions - Adequate flow of a detergent solution, water rinse, and sanitizing solution through pipes or other means is necessary. In your ANSI-accredited course, you’ll learn about the importance of proper solution concentrations.
• Adequate circulation - These solutions must come into contact with all interior food or beverage surfaces.
• Proper drainage - Any good CIP system will be self-draining or have an easy way to drain cleaning and sanitize solutions.
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