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How to Get a Food Handler Card in Texas

Provides essential training on food safety practices, including proper hygiene, sanitation, and prevention of foodborne illnesses.

Is Food Service Prep Legit?

As a food handler, it's crucial to have the necessary knowledge and certification to ensure the safety and quality of the products you handle.

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Texas Cottage Food Laws and the Food Handler Course

Are you interested in starting a small baking or food business from the comfort of your own home in Texas?

Contaminated Food: Why “Eyeballing It” Isn’t Good Enough

Explore the limitations of visual food inspection and discover why an accredited food handler course is essential for safeguarding against contamination.

How Do I Get a Food Handler Card in California

California requires that food handler training programs be accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

How Do I get my Food Handler Card in Arizona?

The Arizona Food Handler course is an online course offered by Food Service Prep that covers important topics related to food safety and food handling.

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A Spotlight in Community Impact

Food Service Prep, found itself center stage as it was featured in a prominent publication in Texas, Community Impact.

The Big 6 Foodborne Pathogens

The Big 6 and Their Symptoms: The Big 6 and Their Symptoms: Did you know that pathogens contaminate some foods? Foodborne pathogens are viruses, bacteria, or parasites that are dangerous to ingest.

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California Senate Bill 476

Does California Require Employers to Cover the Cost of Food Handler Training?