National Donut Day: Cake Donuts, Glazed Donuts, Filled Donuts, Oh My!

Updated: 9/29/2022
National Donut Day is November 5th, which means it’s time to grab your favorite donut and celebrate! In fact, there are even donut shops that will hand out free donuts on this day — so you have no excuse not to praise this delicious ring-shaped treat. Grab a cup of coffee in one hand, a donut in the other, and let’s take a journey on some interesting facts about this comforting breakfast treat.
History of National Donut Day
National Donut Day is more than just a day in the calendar to celebrate a delicious pastry. The significance of this day dates back to World War I but was actually created by the Salvation Army in 1938. The Salvation Army in Chicago wanted to help those who were in need during the Great Depression, especially the women who served donuts to the soldiers who fought throughout World War I, so they began National Donut Day as a fundraiser.
During WWI, the Salvation Army was primarily made up of women since most of the men were fighting in the war. To support their men who were on the front lines, the Salvation Army would send volunteers to France to supply baked goods to the troops. One day, two Salvation Army volunteers had the idea of providing donuts to the troops and it became an “instant hit”. As popularity grew among the troops, they eventually started to call these women the “Donut Girls”.
Now, to commemorate that special time of uplifting spirits in the middle of turmoil, National Donut Day was established. So, while donuts are scrumptious, this day holds greater significance than just celebrating a pastry.
The Service Side of the Donut Industry
While it may look simple to serve donuts, there are standard practices that are crucial to food safety. First and foremost — never touch a food product with your bare hands, even if you have just washed them. It is always safer to serve a donut with sanitized food tongs, paper tissues, or even gloves. Just know that if you use gloves you will need to change them frequently so as to not cross-contaminate.
Donut Breakdown
There are plenty of different kinds of donuts to choose from that can be slightly overwhelming at times. Yet, no matter which one you choose, they are all enjoyable!
Yeast Donut — these donuts usually don’t have the traditional hole in the middle but that doesn’t mean they are any less tasty. The yeast in these donuts makes them super fluffy and usually just have sugar sprinkled on top.
Cake Donut — if you like your donuts thick and dense then this is the donut for you. These donuts rise from baking powder, instead of yeast, which gives them that cake-like consistency. You can find these donuts usually dipped in chocolate and occasionally with some sprinkles on top too.
Glazed Donut — this is the most basic yet sweet treat. These have your typical hole in the center with a sugary glaze on top. This comes in plenty of variations and styles, so the options are endless.
Filled Donuts — last but not least, if you like a little surprise in your morning, grab a filled donut. The filling could be anything from jelly, to custard, to cream and are a wonderful added texture.
Whichever donut you choose -- you can not go wrong.
The Proper Way To Serve Your Delicious Donuts
Now that you know more about the history of donuts and some different donuts, go out and enjoy them today. Just remember to use tongs or a paper tissue when handling someone elses donut. Enjoy!
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